Organizing... Ugh!

When I started intentionally writing a story to publish, I thought it would be so easy. Write the story - it was already in my head, so it should be easy to put in on paper, right? 

Ha! How young and naive I was.

I did start writing, and I wrote every chance I got, but it wasn't until I intentionally organized my work, that I truly made steady progress. Today, I'd like to share something that helped me finish my novel.

In the photo below, are notecards, laid out on our living room floor, showing my novel from prologue to epilogue. The thing is, I knew how I wanted my story to begin, and I knew how I wanted it to end. The middle chunk, I had in pieces, but it didn't follow a coherent line (if you read One More Last Chance, you might still think that! Haha). Anyway, this helped me see the entirety of my story in a huge outline, giving me the view I needed to complete it.

From that point, I wrote what each notecard prompted, and that's how it came together. So, length-wise, each card represents a chapter. Under each chapter, each notecard represents a scene. 

It took me about three hours, contemplating Sam and Stone's story as a whole progression, determining where the important transitions took place, where the sexy times fit in, and how they, and other characters developed through the book.

Through this process, I cut some things out, added some things, and changed the ending... twice. 

Once I was satisfied with the flow, I just took a few cards with me to work, to school, etc. so that I could progress my story at anytime, without losing track of where I was.

I hope this has been useful! I know getting organized was the best thing I could have done to help myself finish what I started.