Geting Super-Duper Sappy

*This post was previously written on May, 31, 2017

It is my husband's birth month! - actually, tomorrow, but think of this as the prologue :) Yes, next month, a certain number of years ago (which I will kindly refrain from stating, but you may guess if you're a sleuth), the love of my life came into this world as a messy little bundle of joy (just kidding, he's probably not been messy a day in his life).

Anyway, I love this guy a whole lot and I was trying to think about what I could do that would be really special. Among other things, this is one. For the next certain number of days that reflect the certain number of years of his age, each day, I'm going to write about one thing that I love about him. This way, it will be saved for perpetuity, and our children and grandchildren and all the world will know how special my man is.

You may commence the eye-rolling and "you guys are adorable" statements now.