I Love Him Because...

He keeps surprising me.

Recently, we found ourselves alone with a pool for an unknown period of time. My husband turns to me and says "let's go skinny dipping." And we did!

Why is this surprising? Why wouldn't any husband ask his wife to take a skinny-dip with him?

Because the owner of said pool would be returning at a time we did not know, and while said owner probably would have no problem with our little adventure, the guest of owner would have a large problem with it. So yes, color me surprised, but I jumped in anyway, and it was glorious!

Skinny-dipping is really the way to go. If our society didn't get it's panties in such a wad over nudity, I'd do it all the time. If you've never tried it, you have to. If you like taking a bath, skinny-dipping is something you will LOVE. It's a bath on steroids.

I love my husband because he keeps surprising me.