I Love Him Because...

He doesn't coddle me.

I can be a whiny-baby. I'll just leave that there.

When I am a whiny-baby, like when we're working out, or it's time to do laundry, or I need to get out of bed to wash my face because I didn't do it before snuggling down under the blankets, does my husband say, "ok, it's too hard, do this instead."?


No he does not.

In my teen and adult life, I learned how to pout my way out of things I didn't want to do (obviously this did not work with my parents - hence the stall mucking), but when my husband and I became friends, then later, more, he quickly taught me that this was not going to work with him.

It's actually quite freeing, knowing that I can whine if I feel like whining, but knowing without a doubt it's not going to get me out of the work. Whining makes me feel better, even when I'm doing it in futility, so he lets me whine, but cracks the whip anyway and I'm happy.

I love my husband because he lets me be a whiny-baby if I need it, but he doesn't coddle me.