I Love Him Because...

He's man enough to hand over the steaks. 

I love steak and I do a good job with it on the grill. Steak and fish - give me fire, and I'll give you mouthwatering deliciousness!

Some men like to be all "Tim the tool man - argh, argh, argh" and then the house is on fire and everyone's still hungry. 

Not my husband. He doesn't care about machismo, he cares about getting it done right, and if that means deferring, he'll step aside in a heartbeat (he's this way with just about everything - almost everything...)

Tonight we had melt-in-your-mouth steaks because I grilled them (they were perfect, I humbly add). He also respects the fact that I like my steak to have a little moo left in it, and I respect the fact that he likes his crispy. Seriously, crispy and WELL done. Don't worry steak lovers, it was still juicy and tender - I didn't let burnt equal tough!

I love my husband because he's secure in his masculinity and doesn't need to prove himself. He lets me hold the grillmaster title as much as my little heart desires.