I Love Him Because...

He won't let me get away with being petty. 

"You can sleep on the couch!" are words that will never leave my lips. If they did, the next thing I would hear is the deep chuckle of my very amused husband. And if I said I was going to sleep on the couch, the result would be the same, except I'd also be subsequently tied to the bed, because I can be stubborn. He knows I'd wait till he was asleep and sneak off to the couch as an act of defiance. He would definitely not allow that to happen. 

If we are having a disagreement, neither of us are going to be throwing up our hands and walking away. We are going to stay, and we are going to talk, no matter how sweaty our armpits get, no matter how uncomfortable it is. We will talk until we are resolved. If, by some chance, I am too tired and need to sleep, he'll snuggle me, no matter how stiff I try to be, until I fall asleep.  

If something is really wrong. If there is a big issue that needs to be addressed, and we both just need a bit of breathing room, we'll take it, but we have a set amount of time and we come back and work out a resolution. If said breathing room needs to happen overnight, then I'd better be able to do my breathing right next to him, because breathing room never equals not sleeping together. If we don't get the thing resolved, we're still sleeping together, and not on opposite sides of the bed. 

This has only happened a couple times in our marriage - because he taught me from the beginning that I wasn't going to be able treat our relationship like I'd treated other relationships, and I'm thankful for it. I grew up in a home where confrontation was avoided at all costs. My husband grew up in a home where issues were taken care of immediately. So, he's taught me how to talk things out, without trying to run or manipulate my way out when it gets hard. 

I love my husband because he's taught me to confront the hard thing and he doesn't let me get away with petty retaliations.