I Love Him Because...

He can fix my mood.

I'm not a particularly moody person on the outside. I'm actually quite good (not proud of it, just stating a fact) at hiding the way I feel. In my relationship with my husband, he requires transparency, and he's so good at reading me, he calls me on it when I try to hide how I'm feeling.

If I'm grouchy, or irritable (which I'm usually not), he'll haul me off to the bedroom and make me forget why I was, or he'll feed me, or he'll tell me to go take a nap, or all three, but the point is that he knows I need one (or all) of those things to put me back to my normal self, and he's happy to do that for me.

Most of the time.

If something's genuinely wrong, or if there's a more severe issue, he'll do his best to take care of that, but he's not going to ever sit back and say, "she's just being moody." My husband likes me happy. He's going to do what needs to be done to keep me that way. So, sometimes that means forcing me to sit down and squirm a little while he watches and waits for me to say what's going on in my head, or with my feelings.

He's not going to let me get away with saying "I'm fine." when he knows I'm not. If I need to talk to someone else, he's got our therapist on speed dial and I'll have my butt on her couch before I know it!

Most of the time though, it doesn't take much to keep me humming. He won't settle for me in a bad mood, and he knows all the ways to make it disappear if one happens to come along.

I love my husband because he loves me enough to care about the mood I'm in.