I Love Him Because...

He's compassionate, but not a pushover.

My husband is a saver, he likes to see $$ in the bank, as I covered in a previous post, but he will be the first to help out someone in need. He'll say, "I gave x to this person." or he'll ask, "can we give x", "help out with x", etc. if it is truly a situation that calls for it. He's very astute, my wonderful man, so he's not going to be throwing dollar bills around just because someone says they need it.

One of the things we're working toward in our business, is a scholarship program for young athletes who are committed to improving their performance, but don't have the financial resources to cover the cost of training. If he could do it, my husband would work with kids for free because his heart's desire is to help everyone reach as much of their athletic potential as they want to. As much work as they put in, he'll put in just as much or more. Nevertheless, we live in a world where money makes it go 'round and we much charge for his services. Still he works with people where they are, when he can, because he's in it to improve lives, not just our bank account.

When his mom had double knee replacement surgery, he was the one who helped her through most of her rehab, and while he was compassionate to her, and sensitive to her pain, he still made her cry when he had to. He knew what needed to be done to get her mobility to the place it needed to be, and he made sure she did it. Even when she cried, he'd say, "it hurts, but it's going to get better. You have to keep pushing." He got her up and about faster than her doctors anticipated.

When we're working out and I start to whine, he'll say, "I made my own mother cry, don't think I'm going to take it easy on you." Then I usually grumble and stick my tongue out at him, but do the work anyway, because no, he's not going to let me off easy.

He'll also be the first to lend an ear, or offer advice to a friend in need, but he's not going to pat your back and give you a thumbs up if you don't deserve it. He'll sympathize with you and be compassionate, but if you need to hear the truth, he'll tell it to you. And if you need to hear the truth but you're not in a place where you can accept it, he'll still let you talk, vent, grumble, whatever you need, but he'll keep his mouth shut and wait until you're ready, or until you ask.

I love my husband because he'd make a great therapist! or life-coach....