I Love Him Because...

He's not opposed to getting his hands dirty.

If you need someone to roll up their sleeves (or take their shirt off ~ ooh la la!), and get their hands dirty helping you out, my husband will be the first to jump in. We recently moved, and in the process, discovered one of our neighbors was aslo moving. We would say hi to her and chat every now and then, but I would not say we knew her well, or were necessarily close to her. However, when hubs found out she was moving also (she is a single mom), he said, "TJ, Call her and ask if we can help her." She didn't need our help, but was so grateful we'd thought of her.

When I was in high-school, chores had to be done before I could go out and do anything, so here comes future hubby (though I didn't know it at the time), to help me muck out horse stalls so we can go to the park to play soccer, or to the beach, or whatever it was our friends were doing. Now, he might have had ulterior motives while he was mucking out those stalls with me, but he didn't let on at the time, he just rolled up his sleeves and did what needed to be done.

He'll do what needs to be done for the people he cares about. He'll even do the hard stuff for people he doesn't know very well, just because he's that kind of man. Willing to lend a hand when one's needed

I love my husband because he'll never turn his back on someone truly in need, and if you're lucky enough to call him friend, he'll do just about anything for you (within reason and if it's not likely to get him arrested. He still wants to have my babies after all).