I Love Him Because...

He'll never take the easy way out.

In my previous post, I talked about my husbands business and how hard he's worked to improve himself as a business person. In this post, I'm going to talk about not taking the easy way out.

My husband hates social media. With a passion. I'm talking, avoid it like the plague! He doesn't get on facebook or twitter - I control those accounts for him. Yep, that's right, if you wished him happy birthday on facebook the last few years - I was the one typing out the thank you's! Except for this year, this year he made a big leap and logged in to thank everyone himself (I was so proud!). I post to his business page in facebook and on twitter, but here's the kicker. Hubby recently did A LOT of research about social media because he came to the hard realization that having a strong presence there is very important to the business, so after much deliberation and checking off of pro's and con's, he chose instagram as his medium.

It made him sweat and break out in hives, but he dedicated himself to learning the in's and out's, the what's-its and who's-its, the how's and the hashtags. He signed up for a udemy course, and committed himself to being the best instagramer he can be. He has a bunch of followers now! So that's our business's main form of social media. I still post on our facebook page and twitter, but it's secondary to the instagram account.

You may ask, "Why does your husband hate social media so much?"

It's because he's an introvert and an extremely private person. There's a reason I don't post sappy photos of us all over the place, or use his name in my posts - it's because he I respect his privacy. If you know us, then you know who he is, and if you sleuth around enough, you'll discover who he is, but I don't just blatantly put it out there out of respect to him.

He could have taken the easy way out and made instagram my responsibility, but he saw the importance of doing it himself, of growing and challenging himself where it is oh-so-uncomfortable for him, and he did it.

I love my husband, and I'm so proud of him for becoming an instagramer! He's gonna be instafamous, haha. I love him because he works so hard for us and doesn't take the easy way out.