I Love Him Because...

When he asks what I think, it's because he really wants to know.

We all know people who ask our opinion on a particular thing, or what we think about this or that thing happening, or what we think they should do about such and such. So you tell them what you think and they go and do whatever it was they were going to do in the first place. Or even better, you tell them what you think and they proceed to tell you why you're wrong! Oh, I love that one....

This is not my husband (praise the Lord!). When he asks what I think, it's because he genuinely wants to know and will take what I say into consideration. He will think about, will probably come back and want to talk about it again, or will take what I say and reconfigure his original idea with some of my insights and some of his.

We both like to build things, so he'll often have an idea (usually a really good one, thoroughly thought out) about how to put something together, or what parts and pieces he needs to make it happen, but many times, he'll ask me what I think. "what would you do?" He'll ask. Then, he listens! Sometimes we'll talk about it, sketch it, reiterate with different ideas. Sometimes he'll just say, "your way is much simpler and cost effective. Let's do that."

He gives me a safe space to give my opinion and makes me feel like my thoughts have value, that my opinions have merit.

I love my husband because he wants to know what I think and he is an awesome listener.