I Love Him Because...

He is a student of me

More than anyone else, my husband knows me - my looks, my sighs, my eyes, expressions, body posture, he knows it all. There have been times, lying in bed, when I think he's asleep, but he'll suddenly ask, "what's wrong T.J?" because he can feel me. He'll say, "I know something's bothering you, talk to me." I can't hide anything!

I love surprises, but he's very frugal, so when there's something he thinks I'll like, he'll come to me and say, "I want to get you this thing," or "I was thinking about something," but he won't tell me what it is, he'll just say, "do you want to be surprised, or do you want me to tell you?" Usually, I say I want to be surprised, but sometimes I ask him to tell me - like if I'll need to set time aside or pack particular type of clothing or such. 

He's constantly observing me, taking mental notes, he's catalogued me very well in his mind and his heart and knows what I need often before I do. It's not enough that we're in the same house, that we go to bed in the same bed, that we enjoy many of the same things - no, my husband constantly seeks to know me, to understand and support me in the best way he can. When I say that he know's be better than anyone else - I mean that very literally. The thing that makes it so sweet, is that he knows me because he wants to, because he puts effort into it, even after all these years. 

I love my husband because he constantly seeks to know and understand me.