I Love Him Because...

He can fix the plumbing

Yep, I love him because he's really good with his hands... er... he's a handy guy to have around... ok, ok, he can fix nearly anything - but we recently had an itch to install a new shower-head, put a new faucet in the bathroom, as well as one in the kitchen, plus the bathroom sink had a small, annoying leak which needed to be fixed, so off to Lowe's we went! We pursued the aisles of faucets and piping and when we'd agreed on what we wanted, we took it all to checkout and justified our purchases by telling ourselves that we weren't paying a plumber - therefore, we were actually saving quite a bit of money. 

Three hours later, the bathroom sink was fixed, new faucets and shower-head installed, and I had one of those fancy little sprayers that pulls out from the kitchen faucet. Now, we had quite an adventure getting there - Macgyvering some tools to fit what we needed, me, holding a clamp on a pipe while he worked to get a stubborn piece off. We worked together, him instructing, me following instructions, handing him tools, and being an all-around amazing assistant (haha). Once everything was complete, we turned the water back on, tested all the faucets and connections, then exchanged exuberant high-fives when it seemed all was as it should be.

The great thing about this little story, is that it's not an uncommon occurrence. 

I love my husband because he can fix the plumbing (so we don't have to call bubba! lol). 


(For those of you following along, this is number 8)