I Love Him Because...

He Makes me wash my face.

Okay, I know what you're thinking - something along the lines of WTF? So here's the thing, I sometimes go to bed without washing my face, sometimes I munch on things I shouldn't just because I'm super busy and don't want to stop to make a proper meal for myself. I don't always exercise like I should (man, I sound like a slob! I'm not, really). In comes the man who loves me and wants me to be around for a long time, the man who wants to have my babies and make sure we teach them healthy habits.

So yes, he has to tell me sometimes to wash my face before bed, because I would just crawl right in if it were up to me. And sometimes he tells me to stop writing/doing homework/emailing/etc. and come eat. And sometimes I tell him to stop doing what he's doing and eat. Sometimes he tells me I need to go to bed because he knows what time I'll be getting up and knows I need x hours of sleep. So he'll say, "T.J. It's time for bed. Stop what you're doing, and let's go." And sometimes I wake up in the night and tell him to stop working and come to bed. It goes both ways, but the point is that he looks out for my well being. He constantly asks/encourages/bribes me to workout with him because we both have family members who've had health issues in their latter years and we want to live long lives. Exercise is uber important! Also, post workout shower sex is the best. He usually gets me with that one - but you probably didn't want to know that. Just be like a jury and disregard that comment - or try it for yourself with your partner. You might look forward to working out when the rewards are so.... rewarding.

I love my husband because he makes me wash my face (he wants me to always be happy and healthy).