I Love Him Because...

*This post was previously published on June 3, 2017

He keeps me grounded

Did you see the movie "UP"? If you did, this will make total sense, if you didn't, you need to watch it! I am like the dog who is totally focused, and then, "Squirrel!". Easily distracted sometimes, easily entertained most of the time, I need some help to stay on track. Enter Mr. Robinson. He steers me back to center, helps me stay focused.

One of the most focused, task-oriented people I know, my husband will continue working on something with tireless effort until it is completed. If you follow me on social media, you will have seen the twitter post about how he fixed my iPhone screen. Just to let you know, that was a process that took a couple of hours because he had to detach every itty-bitty piece of wiring, touch hardware, microphone, etc.... so many tiny parts! And his laser focus never wavered. I was holding the flashlight for him so he would have good light where he needed it and I was getting fidgety, even though I enjoy watching him work.

When I wrote One More Last Chance, he was the one helping me keep it organized, stopping me from jumping ahead, keeping me on task. If it weren't for his ability to help me focus, I might still be working on it! Even now, the book contains some errors, some grammar and punctuation that needs attention, and it eats at me. But do you know what? He told me not to be so hasty in publishing. He told me to check it through a couple more times, but I just wanted it to be done! I was very impatient, and even though reader response with regards to the story has been excellent, I know people are overlooking the errors because they are kind, not because they don't exist. Romance readers are the coolest people I know, and I am so incredibly grateful that so many people like my book and don't slam me for the present errors.

I learned from that - listen to my husband - he knows what he's talking about and he has my best interests at heart. Also, even though he ultimately didn't agree with my decision to publish when I did, he still allowed it to be my decision. When I asked him to do my cover, he did it for me. So he helps me in so many ways, keeps me on track, keeps me grounded, but he doesn't try to control me - he lets me make my own decisions, even when they may not be the best ones. I usually come to him later and tell him he was right and then we make out. Then he asks if I'm going to listen to him next time and I say yes, even though he and I both know it's a 50/50 because I'm stubborn like that, but then we make out some more and it doesn't matter.

I love my husband because he keeps me grounded. Also, he's a whole lot of fun to make out with.