I Love Him Because...

This post was previously published on June 4, 2017

He supports my dreams.

My husband asks a lot of me - not gonna lie, he can be very demanding. On the flip side, he's also very supportive. Yes, he asks a lot of me, but he does his best to give me the tools to meet his demands AND he fully supports me in my own pursuits. 

Very often, he tells me that he's proud of me for what I've done with my writing, that I took an idea in my head and turned it into a published work, that I didn't stop there, but have continued to pursue this passion. He doesn't just tell me though - he supports me in tangible ways - like doing my cover art. He's on board to do as many covers as I ask of him, which is really something, because I'm not paying him! (Well... ok, maybe I am paying him!) Anyway, he's a very talented artist, skilled in Photoshop, but he's also extremely busy. So when he takes a couple of hours to work on my stuff when he really doesn't have to, it makes me feel amazingly special.

When I wanted to do a driving control clinic with the PCA, he was one-hundred percent for it (actually, he may have been more excited than me!). He stood around and watched me drive for eight hours! To be fair, he was also watching other, really, really cool cars and drivers involved in the same event. Still, we have a car that's a whole lot of fun to drive, and he lets me drive it often - even though I know his hands are itching to get around that steering wheel, to feel the power of the clutch, shifting to higher gears, taking us through freeway on-ramps at ungodly speeds (don't worry, we're always safe, just a little faster than the average car on an on-ramp - and usually grinning from ear to ear as we go).

When I wanted to take engineering courses and learn how to make cool stuff and do CAD, he told me engineers were hot, and could I wear a lab coat for him while I... well, you get the idea. But when I had Calculus homework and spent many hours in the lab working on CAD projects, he never fussed at me for the time I spent away from him, for the dinners I never got to, or the weekends where we didn't have any fun. He encouraged my focus, encouraged me to stay on track and pursue what was in my heart. He's done the same with my writing, and just about everything else I've told him I wanted to pursue (within reason - because I can get some crazy ideas!). My only sad-face is that he tells me I can't have a horse. He says I can ride someone else's as much and as often as I like, but can't have one of my own (that's probably because of all his fond memories from helping me muck out our stalls in high-school). I'm working on it though... I'll let you know when I break him down!

I love my husband because he supports my dreams.