I Love Him Because...

He doesn't like change, but he's willing to try new things (sometimes!)

I am the kind of person who loves trying and doing new things. My motto is that I'll try almost anything at least once. My wonderful husband... not so much. He has very specific things that he likes - places he likes to go, food he likes to eat, clothes he likes to wear, you get it. He is a predictable creature of habit, which is excellent for someone like me because he helps me stay grounded.

I know that if I want to try a new sushi place, I'm going to be going with a girlfriend or my sister. If there's a new restaurant I want to try, he'll go with me, but they've got one chance to get it right. If he doesn't like the food or the experience, I may go back (with my sister or someone else), but he's not going to waste his time.

That spaghetti I made for two years just the way he likes it? Well, I wanted to experiment with it a little. I changed ONE thing that I put in the sauce (I make my own sauce), and he took one bite and said, "What have I told you about experimenting with my food?" 

I laugh as I type this, because he gets grouchy if I try new things with our meals thinking it's going to be great, but if I TELL him I want to try something new, he'll raise one eyebrow and stare me down for a second, then ask what my backup is if it doesn't work. Thankfully, there have only been a couple times I've ended up having to go to Plan B. He's willing to try the new thing, but he doesn't like to be surprised, and he likes to know there's an alternative if it doesn't work out.

We sit in the same seats when we go to the movie theatre, and he eats the same snacks - I'll be all over the menu! He gets the same Starbucks drink, and I have to try something different at least a couple times a week. He wants me to tell him what we're doing, what his schedule is, where we're going, what's the itinerary, and I want to be surprised.

He'll go exploring with me, try new things with me, do what he normally wouldn't do, just for me, when he'd rather stick exactly to what he knows.

So I love my husband because he likes to work and play within very specific parameters, but sometimes he'll stray from those because it's what I want. He steps out of his comfort zones to make me happy, and I love him for it. And sometimes, stepping outside his comfort zones opens up new experiences that he wants to keep in his repertoire.