I love Him Because...

He is a genius. 

Seriously, my husband is the smartest person I know. Sometimes I think about our kids and a shiver of fear runs through me, because if they get his brains and my mischievous side.... Oh, Lord save us all!

Want to know why the sky is blue? He'll tell you.

Want to know what the latest political thing or international crisis and why it's a crisis? He'll tell you. I also do feel bad for our children, because they will get tired of asking "why?" He'll have a very good explanation for them every time!

We both took the same Biomechanics of Injury class ten years ago - but he can still tell you nearly everything he learned and then some - I can hold a decent conversation with him about it, but he remembers way more than I do. 

He's fixed our dryer, fixed our plumbing, fixed our car, fixed a fence and a lawn mower, fixed my iPhone (more than once!) - if I were lost on a desert island, he's the guy I'd want with me. We could survive just about anything because that's how his mind works. He'd be the one figuring out how to catch our food and I'd be the one cleaning and cooking it (did I mention I was raised on a farm where we raised our own food?)

Being married to him, I'm in constant awe of his abilities and capacity to learn anything.

Truly, if I need anything, or want to know about anything, he'll learn it or find it, and viola! The information is mine. He does this for everyone though. Those who know him well, benefit from the wealth of knowledge he holds in his brain, and the knowledge he is able to acquire and disseminate. 

I love my husband because he's a genius, and he's mine :)