I love Him Because...

He loves his mama, but he's not a mama's boy.

My husband loves his mom and has a great relationship with her. I believe one of the reason's he's such a great husband is because of the relationship he has with his mom. Those two don't let each other get away with anything! 

The household he grew up in, was one where openness and transparency were highly valued, and that's something that is of utmost importance to him. He treats me with the same respect he treats his mother. He doesn't let me get away with not calling a spade a spade, just like his mother. I see so many similarities in his relationship with me and that of him and his mom, but here's why he's not a mama's boy...

My husband is not ever going to let his mom dictate how our relationship should go - the best part though - his mom is never going to try to do that. My mother-in-law cares deeply about our relationship and the health of it, but she keeps her nose out of our business unless we invite her in. In the same turn, my husband cares about his mom and her health and well-being, but even though he can, he doesn't tell her what to do - Well, he does tell her what to do, but he understands it's her choice whether or not to do it. He lets her decision be her own, whether he agrees or not. 

He doesn't try to coddle her or save her feelings when there's something important that needs attention, and he doesn't do that with me either. The people in my husband's life will always know exactly where they stand with him and that has everything to do with how his mom raised him. 

I love my husband because he loves his mom, he's learned and continues to learn, so much from her, but he is by no means a mama's boy.