I Love Him Because...

He is well prepared. 

My husband is the kind of man who always wants to be prepared, and works to be so. He thinks ahead - far ahead - for everything we do, or everything we think of doing. His mind goes to what we need, what we may need, what could go wrong, etc. He would have been an awesome military strategist! 

We have an athletic assessment tomorrow for a new prospective student, and even though we've done many of these, he still makes a list and we check it off as we pack equipment in our car. He doesn't count on the fact that we've done this more than a few times to know everything's right, he counts on the process of making sure everything's right to know that it will go smoothly. So tomorrow, we'll wake up, get in our car, and know that our assessment will run smoothly because we've prepared (he prepared, I checked off the list :). There will be no rushing around the house, looking for last minute things, because everything is prepared and ready to go. 

I love my husband because he prepares well, and that makes life run a little more smoothly - except when I don't listen to him ;D