I Love Him Because...

He's really good at saving money!

Seriously, if you think something's not available anymore, or that you've found the best price, biggest sale, whatever - no. He'll find almost anything at a lower price than you thought was possible. Something's discontinued? He'll find it. 


I have a pair of running shoes that I really like. I'm agonizingly picky about running shoes, because it's my feet, I want to take care of them. Anyway, I love these shoes, but what happens? the company discontinues the model, so when I go to buy my new running shoes, they're unavailable. I get a little sad and mopey because now I have to go to the running store and try on different shoes until I find one I like again, right? 

Nope, don't have to do it. I just take my sad-face to my amazing husband and the next day, he's ordered the last five pairs he could find anywhere. I looked for them and couldn't find them at all, so he did really good. Now, I have my favorite running shoe for at least a year and a half to two years, depending on how many miles I put on them.

That's my shoe story, but he does that with nearly everything. We almost never pay full retail for anything. So yeah, I married a saver, which is really good because I needed a lot of help in that area!

I love my husband because he's really good at finding amazing deals! He also just gets a thrill out of saving money - it's really satisfying for him - it turns him on whenever I save us money too. So yeah, saver all the way.