I Love Him Because...

He rides a motorcycle.

Yep, this is one of those totally superficial, but not so much in the end, kind of posts.

My husband rides a motorcycle and I think it's super hot. He puts on his riding jeans with the Kevlar lining and his butt looks really good in them. Then, he puts on his leather jacket, and that's pretty sexy too. Then, he pulls on his helmet and I kiss his nose because I can't get to his lips, and he's on his way.

Some people say, "aren't you worried about him riding a motorcycle?" and I say, "no, because he's the most aware, safest driver I've ever met." Except for Jeff over at Skillzdays. They're probably neck in neck as far as safe-aware driving, even though Jeff has loads more experience and skill in handling.

My husband's motorcycle riding has made me a better driver - here's why...

I also want to ride the motorcycle, but he won't let me until he's confident I pay attention to my surroundings, be aware that most other drivers are not aware of anything going on around them, and show that I can be an excellent driver of our oh-so-fun little car. So, I've become an excellent driver of our oh-so-fun little car, but he still tells me, "at that intersection, you didn't check to see if someone might be coming at a rate that means they won't be stopping." or "before you get off the line, make sure everyone is stopping at that red light." or "watch the tires of those cars up the line of carpool so you can catch a jumper before they jump and avoid them."

My husband's motorcycle riding has made me a more aware and safer driver. I love him because he looks hot in his jacket :)