I Love Him Because...

He works to be a better man.

I think my husband is amazing, but he keeps getting better. I guess that's part of the upside of being married to a learner.

He studies constantly. For his business, his communication, himself, relationships, he even studies things that I'm interested in so he can understand me better and share meaningful conversation.

He's always reading books, listening to podcasts, conversing with other professionals, genuinely seeking to understand every aspect of the things that are important to him. We have a shelf full of relationship books and we still visit our marriage counselor once every few months. Just to catch up, tune-up, check-up, share, and gain insights or perspective.

My husband constantly seeks to improve the way he relates - to himself, to me, to his clients. He is his business, so he works to improve his communication and relationships with clients, iterating and adapting his processes to better serve the people who trust him with their or their children's bodies and health.

If something he's doing, or a pattern of thought, isn't working, isn't getting the results he wants, he'll work to change it. He is not happy just going through each day, over and over, gliding by on status quo. That's made it rough for us at times, but it's one of the things that gives me comfort too. I know that he will always strive to be the best version of himself. I know that he will always bring his best and put his best forward. He's never going to be happy as a stagnate person, mentally, emotionally, or physically.

I love my husband because he wants to be the best he can be, in every area and aspect of his life.