I Love Him Because...

He makes me feel beautiful.

I believe that people are, for the most part, beautiful. There are some truly nasty, evil, ugly people in this world, but I'm not talking about those people. I love looking at photographs of people around the world, in all stages and walks of life, all ethnicity and cultures. I think people are amazing and beautiful and I love them. But for the longest time, I did not think I was beautiful or amazing or worth much of anything. It was a battle to come out of that place, but I still had a hard time seeing myself as beautiful.

My husband was the first man to tell me I was beautiful that I believed. The reason? At the time he was telling me, he wasn't trying to get anything from me. He would tell me everyday, in different ways, that I was beautiful, that I was special, that I was valuable and worth something and that he wanted me. Not like, "oh baby, I want you.", but like he truly meant it, like the most important thing was for me to somehow grasp it. We were friends at the time. We weren't dating, fooling around, hooking-up, being friends with benefits, etc. We were genuinely friends. At the time, both of us were clinging to each other like life-rafts because we'd individually suffered terrible tragedies, but we were friends. And he made me feel beautiful like no one ever had.

It's been seventeen years, and he still makes me feel beautiful. He tells me everyday that he loves me. He kisses me every night when he comes to bed. Sometimes he just looks at me and tells me I'm beautiful, and I think I still blush. Sometimes when we're driving, he'll just reach over and take my hand and tell me how grateful he is that I chose him, that I continue to choose him.

I love my husband because he makes me feel beautiful and special and wanted - even though we've been with each other for more than half our lives, he still makes me feel beautiful like no one else.