I Love Him Because...

He is predictable.

Whoever said predictable is boring couldn't have been more wrong. My husband is the most steady, predictable, person I know - and I wouldn't trade that for anything. I know exactly what he will do in a given situation. I know how he'll feel about almost any circumstance. I can count on the fact that I never have to guess when it comes to him. Coming from a family and a background where life was a constant guessing game, it gives me so much security, knowing I don't have to guess with my husband. He will always tell me exactly what he expects, what he thinks, how he feels. I love the fact that I don't have to question his motives or his intentions, ever. because his motive is always to do the best thing, the right thing. That's worth so much in a world where it seems ego is calling the shots everywhere. 

I love my husband because he is predictable - but don't be mistaken - he is far from boring!