I love my husband with everything I am. He is the man who owns my heart, my mind, my body, my soul. I have to keep my brain in check, because whenever the thought tries to slip into my head that he could die - because that's where my head goes - I become an emotional wreck if I don't check it at the door. I know that I'm a strong enough person to live my life without him if I had to, but dear God, I DO NOT WANT TO.

He's my everything and I'm eternally grateful for his unconditional love, his steady patience, his willingness to push me when necessary and to back off when I need it. He knows my deepest, darkest places. He's seen me and dealt with me at my absolute worst, and he's seen me at my best (so far). He loves me absolutely, without condition, without strings.

He is truly the most amazing man I know and he's my best friend in the world. We genuinely love each other's company, love spending time together, hate to be apart. He's funny, smart, sexy, and mine, just as I am his. So, I'm grateful for my husband and I tell him I am. I show him I am, but he does the same for me.

He lets me know I'm appreciated.

With everything going on in our lives, it's easy to get caught up in the day-to-day hustle and lose sight of the little things that mean so much. My husband works hard, he doesn't have to tell me thank you every night that I cook dinner. He doesn't have to tell me thank you when I do something special for him. He doesn't have to, but he does it anyway.

Every night, whether I cook dinner, or bring home take-away, he tells me thank you. His exact words are usually, "thank you for dinner, sweetheart, it was delicious." He doesn't have to say it, but do you know how good I feel when he does? I feel appreciated, even when I don't feel I did anything to deserve it, like getting take-away, instead of cooking. 

He doesn't take me for granted. He tells me he doesn't ever want me to feel like he takes everything I do for granted. Every now and then, for no reason at all, he'll wrap me up in his arms and just tell me he appreciates me. He'll put his hand on my leg while we're driving and thank me for being with him.

I love my husband because he appreciates me, but he doesn't just let me feel like I'm appreciated, he TELLS me I'm appreciated, and he makes an effort to do it often and with sincerity. 

Tell your loved one you appreciate them, not just on this Holiday, but all through the year. Make an effort to do it, because it makes all the difference in the world. 

And lest you think, "Oh that's so cute of those newly-weds." 

We act like newly-weds, and in the grand scheme of a lifetime, five years is the blink of an eye, but we've been married five years. We've known each other for seventeen years. So while people often think we're in those early days of blind love - TRUST, we are not. And we really, really love each other - eyes wide open, all in