Welcome to Hartstone

Everyone Needs a Hero...

Everyone needs a hero.
Everyone except Samantha Covington. She just needs a vacation. Two weeks at Hartstone, a dude ranch in idyllic Colorado, is just the thing she needs. At least, it is according to her lawyer and best friend. Raised in New York City, Sam's not thrilled about the dirt, animals, and rustic living, but her bulldog attorney isn't giving her the option to say no.
With a billion-dollar deal on the line, the twenty-eight year-old CEO needs some time off before things get really heated. She's definitely not looking for a fling with a handsome cowboy, no matter how sexy he is.
Stone Montgomery isn't looking for a second chance at love, but he's happy to help Samantha find her way around his ranch and relieve some stress. When his feelings for her take a turn to the serious side, he's more than happy to follow them, but there's one small problem - Stone Montgomery is hiding one very big secret.
Stone knows Samantha is the woman he wants, but can he convince her to let down her guard long enough to explore what they could have together? 
Sam doesn't do relationships. They don't fit into her life, but she never expected what she found at Hartstone. Will Stone's secret ruin their chance for love, or will Samantha take one last chance and let her heart decide?

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One More Second Chance

Zayne and Nora's story is next!