Resources For Writers

During my journey of writing and publishing my own books, I'v come across some extremely helpful resources. There is a saying - "A rising tide floats all boats." I do not subscribe to the thought that you should keep information to yourself, so that you can be more successful than the person next to you. If you love to write, but like me, are/were frustrated by working to navigate through the muddle of everything else that happens to get a book to print (or publish), I hope the information here will be helpful.


Bryn Donovan's Master Lists for Writers

I absolutely love this book. Bryn has compiled the most complete selection of helpful lists and ideas I've ever seen.

Originally, I found some of her lists on pinterist, but I downloaded the kindle version of the book so I can have it always and forever.

An excellent work, one I highly recommend to writers of any genre.


APE - Kawasaki & Welch

Let me just say that I love Guy Kawasaki. He's one of my favorite speakers and when I heard him talking about this book, I knew I needed to read it.

This work is stuffed with useful, valuable information, which anyone publishing their own work should take advantage of. Some things I threw out, some things I kept, but overall, it's a definite do read for indie-authors.


Logitech Keys-to-go Portable keyboard

Love, love, love, love! I literally take this with me everywhere. I do a lot of writing on my phone, so I can just whip this little guy out and type away. It works off Bluetooth, easily fits in my smallish purse and is extremely lightweight. My husband tried it once with his ipad and was hooked, so we bought one for him too!