I never met a romance hero I didn't like. My love for romance novels began when I snuck Danielle Steel's Perfect from my grandma's library and I've been an addict ever since. Give me a romance and I'll devour it - from fantasty to science fiction, thriller to oh-so-sweet Hallmarks - I love, love, love romance. I love writing romance and erotic stories. Some of my favorite romance genre authors include Susan Mallory, Robyn Carr, Rosalind James, Irish Winters, Jill Shalvis and many others.
I also enjoy making things, riding horses, running, lifting weights, driving fast cars, learning new stuff, hanging out with my amazing husband and our son, cooking, etc. etc. The list of things I don't like include dishes and laundry - enter amazing husband who does these things because he actually likes doing them! I know, it's a little weird, but that just one of many reasons why I love him.
I got my degree in Sports Medicine - another thing I find fascinating and amazing - bodies. Humans are super-incredible, and I'm constantly in awe of those doing unbelievable things around me. I have a very scientific, intellectual side that gobbles up engineering, science, math - all the things people think are boring, but I think are way cool. Then, I have a very creative side that loves romance and poetry and deep thoughts, puppies and kittens and drawing and dancing and crying.
So that's me - complex, but not hard to figure out. My life hasn't been perfect, there have been some pretty rough patches, but I have a good life, and I love what I'm doing

I'm a country girl by heart, but a Southern California girl by location. You can often spot me inside a coffee shop, out running the local trails, working out with my husband, playing with our son, or laying out a bazillion index cards on the living room floor for my next project.
I believe each day is a gift, a blessing to be cherished, and I'm grateful for every moment I'm given.